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Mechanical & Electrical

- Plumbers
- Electricians 
- Project Managers
- Quantity Surveyors
- Estimators

- Contract Managers
- Site Supervisors

plus more...

Are you in search of skilled and qualified professionals in the fields of mechanical and electrical engineering to power your projects? Look no further than. Our specialised recruitment services are tailored to connect your organisation with top-tier talent in the mechanical and electrical sectors.

1. Industry-Centric Expertise

We pride ourselves on our deep understanding of the mechanical and electrical sector. Our team of experienced recruiters possesses industry-centric expertise, ensuring that we precisely match your unique needs with candidates who excel in their respective domains.

2. Robust Talent Pool

Unlock access to a diverse and robust talent pool of mechanical and electrical professionals. From mechanical engineers and electrical designers to project managers and automation specialists, our talent pool is curated to meet the demands of a wide range of roles within these dynamic industries.

3. Technology-Driven Selection

Our recruitment process is fortified by the latest technological tools and platforms. We employ cutting-edge solutions for candidate sourcing, screening, and assessment, ensuring that we identify candidates with the right skills and experience to contribute to your mechanical and electrical projects.

4. Industry Partnerships

We have built our business upon partnerships with prestigious companies within the M&E sector. Our Commercial Director, Jon, was a time-served Plumber before entering the world of recruitment, so has on the job experience! Our extensive network within the M&E world enables us to introduce you to experienced candidates that you may not get access to otherwise.

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