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  • Jon Golding

Lip Sync Battle - In aid of Shelter UK

'So this time last week I was extremely nervous as my time on stage grew nearer and nearer. I'd never been on stage to do something like this before so I was genuinely terrified! But, I'd finally get the chance to live as Will Smith for a couple of minutes, putting on a show alongside some other awesome contestants and dancers from the Hammond School in Chester..... Even better still that it was all for a great cause'

On the run up to the Lip Sync Battle, Jon had to attend 3 hours worth of rehearsals to enable him to learn the routine as well as the mash up he was going to perform: Will Smith - Getting Jiggy With It mixed with The Sugarhill Gang - Apache (in true Fresh Prince style!). These rehearsals also happened to fall on the hottest day recorded this year, so extra respect there! The dancers from the Hammond School, Chester, made sure he was at ease and absolutely wowed him with their skills and professionalism, obviously they'd done it before!!

Before the show started, the Contestants, which also included Rihanna, Britney, Sylvester, Ricky Martin, Lady Gaga & Beyonce, Diana Ross and Oasis, were put through their paces with 3 dress rehearsals to ensure everything went smoothly on the night.

At 7pm, the doors opened and in came the crowd, Jon admits you could feel the tension building throughout the Contestants but each and every one of them still keen to get out there and do their thing! And what a great night it was! Lots of fun, laughter and water thrown everywhere (Jon was extra happy to point out the Crossword Recruitment table to Billy (aka Rihanna) in order for him to concentrate his splashing efforts in their direction!).

But there was a serious cause behind the fun and laughter..... Homelessness in the UK is a MASSIVE problem!!!

Shelter UK provide support for millions of people across the UK. They exist to 'defend the right to a safe home. Because home is everything' and we couldn't agree more. Crossword Recruitment are committed to helping Shelter UK raise money so they can continue their great work. Last weeks Lip Sync Battle helped raise over £5000!! Right now, thousands of people are trying to get by without a safe place to call home. Your support could help Shelter UK answer the next call from someone facing homelessness - you can find their site here -

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